There are many ways to improve your marriage. If you are worried that you don’t have what it takes to make big changes, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to! Sometimes the small improvements can be just as effective as the bigger ones. Rather than focusing on the big chances that you’re not even sure you can make, focus on the small things that don’t require too much of a sacrifice.

Here are some ways to improve your marriage without having to make big sacrifices:

• Show respect to your spouse when talking to him/her. Keep eye contact and listen intently on what he or she has to say. Don’t be rude when responding. You can disagree without sounding too condescending. Even rolling your eyes can be very hurtful. Also, keep your sarcasm in check when you are looking for ways to improve your marriage.

• Pamper your significant others sometimes. Surprise him/her with a foot rub or shoulder massage. Don’t hint around that you want anything in return. Just be sweet for the sake of being sweet. If you expect something in return, your spouse will have a hard time trusting you whenever you offer a massage in the future.

• One of the best ways to improve your marriage is to do the things your husband or wife enjoys. Pay attention to whenever your spouse sings along to a song, gets absorbed in a TV show or book, etc. Give him/her similar CDs, books, and DVDs as gifts. Let your spouse know that you really do pay attention to things he/she likes.

• Instead of yelling at each other, why not write letters? Don’t send a letter through email, either. Hand-written notes between couples are rare these days. You can come up with ways to improve your marriage by writing down your thoughts and feelings. You’ll be surprised at how effective this can be!

• When was the last time you and your husband or wife actually sat down together and had a normal conversation? Why not initiate one? Turn the TV, radio, and phones off, and just sit down and talk. Talk about things you both enjoy. Talk about the news. Talk about anything except for marital problems.

• One of the most enjoyable ways to improve your marriage by going out on dates sometimes. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t go out on dates. Schedule a movie night every week. Go out and have lunch or dinner together sometimes. Go to a concert, fair, carnival, etc. If you live out in the country, go hiking together.

• Make sure you do your share of chores. You both should chip in and work around the house. You can also come up with ways to improve your marriage by working together. Why not start a garden together? You could work on paint or remodeling projects together. Keep your relationship active by doing productive things together.

• Last but not least, accept the fact that no marriage is perfect. The two of you will always have your differences. If you truly want ways to improve your marriage, you need to learn to accept each other’s differences rather than argue over them! Always focus on the good aspects of your relationship rather than the bad.

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