“How can I save my marriage?” There is a question to which there are many answers. No couples are exactly alike, so what might work for another husband and wife might not work for you and your spouse. However, there are a few problems that are quite common for many marriages: lack of communication, infidelity, lack of trust, financial problems, lack of spice, and so forth.

So, how can I save my marriage? Here are some tips on dealing with a variety of problems that can come up in your relationship.

• Lack of understanding can be a big problem. Many people go into marriage thinking that it will be perfect, and when something goes wrong, they feel helpless. You need to understand that you and your spouse aren’t always going to see eye to eye. Instead of fighting over your differences, try accepting them.

• Save my marriage – understand that your spouse might view these three words differently than you. Maybe he or she doesn’t think the marriage needs saved. Or, perhaps he or she thinks the marriage is beyond saving. This is why communication is so important.

• Speaking of communication, are the two of you sitting down and having meaningful conversations? Wait for a time when you are feeling calm, and then sit down to talk about the marriage. As long as one of you says “save my marriage”, there is hope. However, don’t nag or yell at your spouse. LISTEN to everything he or she says, and then carefully express your feelings in return.

• Learn how to compromise. It’s not healthy for one of you to always give in, and for the other to never give in. The two of you must be willing to make sacrifices in equal amounts. Save my marriage – in order for these three words to have any meaning, a middle ground must be found.

• Instead of tearing each other down, try building up. Rather than focus on what the two of you don’t like about each other, focus on what the two of you love about each other. Try spending more time together as a family. You and your spouse both need to focus on the “we” instead of just the “me”. Instead of thinking of how to “save my marriage”, think about how to “save OUR marriage”. This can be achieved by making more time for each other.

• Don’t face the problems alone. Ask your spouse’s friends what he or she expects from you. Ask your own friends for advice. You can also read success stories from other couples who have worked out their marital troubles. There is invaluable information that can be gained on the internet. You can also read “save my marriage” ebooks written by those who have done just that, and who are willing to provide insight to others who are going through marital problems right now.

• Take a vacation together. Even if all you can afford right now is a night at a hotel. Just get away from home for a day or two, and go stay in a more relaxing environment. Sometimes, the best solution for the question “how can I save my marriage?” is to spend time together in a positive environment!

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