“My wife wants to leave me” is a difficult situation through which many men have gone, and still go through every day. Sure, some men can get through this situation more easily than others, but for some, it’s a very challenging and painful time. No two marriages are exactly alike, although there can be many similarities. There are many reasons why “my wife wants to leave me”. Some of it could be her fault, some of it yours, but whatever you do, DON’T blame anyone for the time being. Now is not the time to be placing blame.

Here are some tips to help you get through this hard time.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #1

Ask her what you can do to mend things. Let her know that you are listening and that you are truly interested in what she has to say. Even if she doesn’t think you’re being serious, still let her know that you’re listening and that you’ll take what she has to say into consideration. Don’t argue back, just listen carefully.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #2

If you don’t want her to leave, SHOW her rather than tell her. However, don’t do so in a way that makes you seem desperate. Give her little hints that you want her to stay. Leave little gifts around the house. Think about the sweet things you did for her when you first fell in love, and do those things again.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #3

Make sure you do your share in the marriage. You don’t have to do everything, but at least do your fair share. You can sometimes go that extra mile to do things for her. She’ll really appreciate that you’re concerned about her happiness. Let her see that you can be an easy person to live with and love.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #4

Make two lists: one that includes everything about her that you love, and one that includes everything about her you don’t love. Be honest without being too critical or blunt. Take it to her and ask her if she would make the same two lists about you. Tell her to make a list of the things about you that are causing her to want to leave.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #5

If you have any kids, you will ultimately have to do what is best for them. No kids want their parents to split up, but an unhappy household with a lot of arguing isn’t a healthy environment for them. If you can, try to work things out when they are away or in another room. Try to reconcile when they’re not around so that you won’t upset them any.

My Wife Wants to Leave Me Tip #6

Ask others who have been in your situation for advice. You can find plenty of advice online, including inexpensive ebooks about repairing relationships. Marriage counseling could also be a good option, as long as you both take it seriously. Just let your wife know that you really want to try working things about before she makes her final decision.

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