What should I do when my wife wants space? This is a question that many husbands are asking. What should you do when your wife is unhappy and wants to spend time away from you? Should you give her the space she needs? If so, how much should you give her? This can be a very difficult decision to make, especially if you’re not sure exactly what she wants and doesn’t want.

If the words “my wife wants space” keep running through your mind, you need to deal with them. Before agreeing to a separation, there are some last resort methods you can try to change her mind. Even if you can’t change her mind, these tips will still help your relationship in the long run.

With that said, here are some tips on how to deal with your marital problems:

My wife wants space – Tip #1

Leave the house for a little while. Go outside and sit for a couple of hours or go for a walk. If she said hurtful things to you out of anger, let her blow off some steam. Cool off yourself some before going back inside. Wait until you are calm and walk inside quietly. Instead of saying something, do something. Cook for her or do some chores.

My wife wants space – Tip #2

If she still expresses a desire to have space. Ask her to define the type of “space” she needs. Listen attentively to what she has to say, and don’t interrupt. Express to her that you are willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage. If she wants more space than you want to give, ask her if there is a way the two of you can somehow compromise.

My wife wants space – Tip #3

Why don’t the two of you spend one day a week away from each other? Pick one day out of the week on which the two of you will spend apart. Let her decide whether she’d prefer to stay home or go out. Do the opposite yourself. If she wants to spend the day away, let her be free from responsibility. Take care of the kids and the pets and let her have her fun.

My wife wants space – Tip #4

On the other hand, if she wants to spend time alone at home, then spend time away yourself. Whatever you do, stay out of trouble! Don’t spend your time away doing things that will make your marriage even worse. Just hang out with friends or visit an internet café. Go to the park or zoo. Take the kids out and let her be alone if that’s what she wants.

My wife wants space – Tip #5

Let her know that you are committed to her, no matter what. Make sure she knows that you will always be there for her. Also, keep in mind that her reason(s) for wanting space might not be because of you. For some men, the words “my wife wants space” don’t even have anything to do with the marriage!

Has she been through trauma recently? Could something unrelated to you have triggered her desire for wanting to be alone? If so, let her know that your shoulder is always there for her to cry on, whenever she needs it.

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