If your significant other tells you that you need to improve your attitude, don’t get offended! Even if you think the same about him or her, you can only change your own behavior. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is that your relationship isn’t working out – all you can do is worry about your own attitude. There are always two sides, so try considering your partner’s viewpoint.

If you really want to improve your attitude, you can’t allow yourself to feel frustrated. Frustration only leads to more problems. Try staying focused on the aspects of your behavior in which your partner expresses dissatisfaction.

Also, determine which type of “attitude” he or she wants you to change about yourself. For instance, if your partner complains that you are too hard on him or her, try learning forgiveness and acceptance. Improve your attitude so that you are more considerate about your partner’s feelings.

If you have been accused of having a condescending attitude, then learn how to give others more respect. Instead of focusing on your partner’s weak points, show respect for his or her stronger points. What is it about your significant other than you really admire? Start paying more attention to those qualities if you want to improve your attitude.

You may also need to learn to apologize sometimes. Even if you didn’t mean to hurt anybody, they could still take it the wrong way. You can cause a lot of damage to a relationship by not acknowledging your mistakes and apologizing for them. You can’t expect them to forgive you. Whether or do they not is not something you can control. At least do your own part and improve your attitude by apologizing when you’re in the wrong.

Learn how to appreciate others if you want to be appreciated yourself. If your partner has been working hard to make your relationship work, take notice and appreciate him/her! Start saying “thank you” more. Those two words can really go a long way. Just make sure you really mean those two words when you say them – your partner will be able to tell whether or not you are genuinely trying to improve your attitude.

Another way to improve an attitude is to help others feel better about themselves. If your significant other really is important to you, let him or her know! Start smiling more and give out compliments. Simply saying to someone, “you look really great today!” will really make them happy. By giving out little compliments, you will make your partner feel desirable. This is a great way to strengthen a relationship.

One excellent way to improve your attitude is to take good care of yourself. Put some time and effort into your appearance. If you have self-esteem issues, you can spend extra time grooming every day. If your partner sees that you can take care of yourself, he/she will feel more confident about being with you. After all, in order to take good care of others, you need to learn how to care for yourself.

Last but not least, you can improve your attitude by having a positive outlook about life in general. Don’t take the little things in life for granted. Start focusing on the good things in the world rather than the bad. Instead of having a cynical attitude about the bad things, try to fix them! Your partner will feel proud to be with you if you improve your attitude enough to want to help others.

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