“I want my wife to love me again.” Is this possible? Do you really have to go the rest of your life without having her in it? And, even if she is in it, will she be happy?

First things first, you need to realize that “love” comes in a variety of forms. Just because she tells you that she is fed up with you doesn’t mean that all the love is gone from the marriage. Even if she tells that you that she doesn’t love you anymore, you really can’t be sure.

I want my wife to love me again – what can you do about this sentiment? Do you truly believe this statement to be true? If so, is there anything you can do about it?

Here are some tips on how to deal with marital problems, and what to do if you suspect she might not love you like she used to.

• If you find yourself saying “I want my wife to love me again”, think about what has led you to think as much to begin with. What signs has she given you that she is no longer in love with you? Try to stay calm and focused, and analyze your situation. Take an analytical look at your marriage and think about what you can do to mend things with her.

• I want my wife to love me again – this is a common statement. Although you may feel as if you are alone and lost, know that you are not. Knowing that there are others out there who are going through what you’re going through will help you stay focused.

• Perhaps she just wants to be alone for awhile. Instead of panicking over the thought of “I want my wife to love me again”, leave the house for awhile. You don’t have to go anywhere – just go sit outside or in another room. If you have kids, take them somewhere for a day to let her have the house to herself.

• Don’t nag or yell at her for any reason. Try improving your patience with her. I want my wife to love me again – although this statement is probably running through your mind, DON’T confront her with it. Don’t demand an answer from her right now. The things that are upsetting you might cause even more problems for your marriage if you nag at her about them.

• Whatever you do, don’t neglect your appearance. Even though you might not be feeling very confident right now, you shouldn’t let the lack thereof show in your outward appearance. I want my wife to love me again – don’t let this bother you to the point at which you feel sorry for yourself. The last thing she wants is a pitiful husband right now. You need to be strong for yourself, for her, and the kids.

• If you have done something wrong, admit to it. Let her know that you know you messed up, and that you only want to move on with her, and no one else. However, she might not want to hear you talk right now, so SHOW your feelings to her. Bring her flowers, help her with chores, get the kids ready for school, etc. Do your fair share, and your “I want my wife to love me again” sentiment might become a reality!

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