Do your spouse wants leave, but you don’t want him or her to? If so, then you’re probably feeling helpless, or even desperate. While it’s only natural to feel as such, it’s not very smart. If you are desperate, you will only act rashly, and doing so will only cause more harm than good.

Do your spouse wants leave? Just know that you are not alone. This is something that many others are going through. You must keep in mind that no marriage is 100% perfect. The idea is to work toward both short-term AND long-term resolution.

With that said, do your spouse wants leave? Here are some tips on how to deal with this fact, and what you need to be doing about it:

•    Do your spouse wants leave, but you’re not sure as to why? Communication is the key. However, you must wait for a time when you are feeling calm and rational. Don’t demand an explanation right away, or your spouse might feel put on a spot. Also, when you are calm, you will less likely throw out accusations, which will result in your spouse being even angrier.

•    Do your spouse wants leave, and you feel the need to lash out because of it? DON’T! This is not the time for blame. You shouldn’t blame yourself or your spouse. Even if you suspect that he or she is just lashing out for attention, you shouldn’t do the same. You’ll be better off being the calm an reasonable one.

•    Do your spouse wants leave and you are concerned about the kids? While it’s okay to bring them in the conversation, don’t use them as an excuse to stay married. If you have a particularly bad marriage, you’ll create an unstable environment for the kids. Let your wife or husband know that you want to work things out in a way that will benefit not just the two of you, but the children as well.

•    You’re not being pitiful right now, are you? Do your spouse wants leave, and you’re feeling sorry for yourself? DON’T! Self-pity is NOT attractive! Be somebody your wife or husband wants you to be. Be the person you were when your spouse first fell in love with you. Even if you don’t think you can go back to being that person, you have to try if you want to save your marriage!

•    Do your spouse wants leave and you’re in denial? As mentioned above, communication is extremely important. However, be prepared to do a lot of listening. Let your spouse get everything of his or her chest. Let him or her know that you’re listening. Ask what can be done to save the marriage and take everything he or she says into consideration.

•    Do your spouse wants leave and you need a way to drown out the sorrows, DO NOT turn to alcohol or anything else that is harmful to your well-being! Instead, find emotional support in a more positive manner. Spend more time at the gym, start meditating or practice yoga, read, start a journal, etc, but don’t turn to anything that will be harmful to you AND your marriage.

After everything is said and done, determine whether or not your spouse wants to leave for good. Do your spouse wants leave to get a bit of space, or because he or she wants a divorce? If it’s for some space, think about whether or not you will benefit from space as well. There are some great ebooks on the subject which provides guidelines on how to get through such difficult times. You can read them for some insight on what to do when your spouse wants to separate.

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